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Moms To Be

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Being pregnant is a wonderful experience, however it can also be very expensive. This is the time where the “mommy to be” will need to make some very serious decisions about her and her baby’s future. It’s a time where Medical Aid comparisons come into play and an evaluation of the current, overall and health care services that are being utilized would need to be analyzed.

A lot of money will be spent during pregnancy… it would be wise to have medical aid to help cover all your medical expenses. Between the cravings, shopping for cots, clothes and toys, the last thing any pregnant woman wants to worry about is her financial situation.Happy Pregnancy

The ideal medical aid scheme will offer out-of-hospital benefits the will cover charges from:

With Medical Aid Hospital Plan, there is no out-of-hospital cover, so all the medical attention pregnant moms receive from out-of-hospital will have to be paid for in cash. With Medical Aid Hospital Plan you will be covered during the time of delivery as this plan caters for:

  • Hospital fees
  • Material used during the childbirth
  • Drugs

In the event of a Caesarean section, you will also be covered. Make the decision wisely and remember that the baby’s well-being comes first. Life from here on out will revolve around the baby so make life as comfortable as possible for him or her.

Mommy Aid

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Pregnant women looking for medical aid should remember that being pregnant is an expensive time in their lives; there are a lot of medical considerations to be taken into account. A normal pregnancy will see many visits to specialists, a complicated pregnancy however is twiceExpecting with Momentum as costly.

Nevertheless pregnancy is a special experience and those 9 months should be cherished. The life that’s growing inside could one day be the president of the country, or receive a Nobel Peace prize for finding the cure for cancer.


Healthy and PregnantThe steady advances in science, technology, medicine and surgery over the years have been marvellous for mother and child. These days, especially since the advent of epidural and C-section births, having a baby is no longer as risky as it was for many women just a few generations ago. The good hospitals, doctors and nurses are so better geared to deal with any complications that might arise. But here’s the thing: the best doctors and hospitals aren’t cheap, to put it mildly. In fact, without the support of a comprehensive medical aid scheme, many expectant families will be struggling to make ends-meat even before the baby arrives, let alone afterwards.

Yes, it’s the medical care and procedures that moms and their infants receive and undergo in private hospitals that tend to be the most costly part of having a baby. Unless you’re wealthy or planning on using a government hospital, a hospital plan is the very least that you’ll need to cover the costs of the delivery, and post-natal care immediately thereafter in a ward where you won’t have to queue, and where there isn’t a shortage of beds. Before mom goes into labour, what about the check-ups at the GP or gynaecologist, the tests and scans to make sure everything’s going as it should during the nine months before it all happens? A hospital plan won’t cover these expenses, just as it won’t help you pay for the visits to the paediatrician et al after mother and child have checked out of the hospital.

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Married professionals generally know better than to take a chance with their families’ well-being. Why risk not being able to give them the medical aid theySafe Family deserve in times of need? Perhaps right now you’d be able to pay up should, for example, one of your children have to go to hospital and require surgery or need treatment for a serious illness, but things can change. Heaven forbid that you should be caught by surprise and out of pocket if your wife’s or child’s life is at stake.

And of course, you need the back-up of a good medical aid scheme as much for yourself as for your family. Should you suffer an injury or become very sick, if you don’t have proper medical cover (or a big nest-egg stashed away somewhere) then the financial strain on your dependents could be huge. Even if you never have to go to hospital, even if your family stays healthy and manages to avoid injury of any sort, there are all sorts of expenses covered by comprehensive medical aid cover. (more…)

Often the last to worry about their own healthcare, moms are arguably the most important candidates for membership of medical schemes. If moms get sick,Medical Aid Mom entire households suffer the consequences, so they really need to make sure that help is at hand in the event that they get flu, a more serious disease like cancer, or have an accident that requires hospitalisation.

Dads are notoriously bad patients and children need special care when they get sick, which means that moms often don’t have time to look after their own health needs. Medical aid membership is recommended for everybody who can afford to compare medical aids and invest in a plan that is suited to their and their family’s requirements. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive option, as a medical aid comparison will quickly indicate what is on offer in comparison to what moms can afford. If they’re living on a single income, it’s even more important to budget carefully and make that allowance for cover.


The need for medical aid takes on a new perspective when you move into parenthood. Hopefully you have the foresight to join one of the good medical schemes before you fall pregnant so that all your pre-natal, hospital and post-natal care is well covered.Family Medical Aid

It’s never too late to join though. Remember that medical aids have the right to impose a three-month waiting period for new members. In addition, legislation dictates that you can’t be a member of two medical aids at once, so draw a careful medical aid comparison before deciding which one to join. It’s important that you compare medical aids and the different options they offer so that you can pick the one most suited to your family’s requirements.

For parents with young children, for example, things can get tricky when their babies are old enough to go to daycare or preprimary school as that’s when they are exposed to a range of germs from other children. And if you have one child at school and one still young enough to stay at home, those germs are guaranteed to spread to at least one more member of the family.